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Progressive 27

Are you Experiencing These Symptoms:

* Burns

Then Read This:
Progressive-27 may help the recovery process from a burn by replenishing nutrients that have been depleted as a result of the injury.

Every year there is an estimated 1.25 million burn incidences that will require medical attention. Recovery from these burns can be essential to your health and the appearance of the skin that was damaged.

Progressive-27 has been shown to replenish depleted levels of nutrients that were specific to your burn, thereby helping the burned tissues heal faster and more effectively.

This is how it works...

Burns usually cause a variety of reactions in your body. Studies show that plasma glutamine concentrations are decreased as a result of the burn, which will contribute to the injury-induced impairment of the immune system.

Along with providing depleted nutrients, Progressive-27 also has nutrients that are essential in the healing process. Some of the benefits of using this product after a severe burn include:

1. Faster recovery

2. More efficient healing which may have an effect on scarring

3. Strengthened immune system to protect from infection

4. Replenish nutrients that have been depleted from the burn

Progressive-27 will help your body recover faster and aid the healing process by strengthening new tissue that is formed as a result of the burn. Click here to read more about the ingredients.

Success Story

The customer below wrote us this letter after he used Progressive-27 to help heal his burn wounds:

"I just got in an accident that messed me up. I had burns all over my body and the doctor at the hospital kept me there to treat them. My wife went home and found your product on the internet. She decided to order some and had it overnighted. My burns were going to leave pretty severe scars, and I wanted to do everything possible to minimize the damage. I took your product until my wounds had basically turned to scars. It wasn't nearly as bad as the doctor thought it would be and I am pretty sure your product had a lot to do with that. Thank you for all of your help and a fantastic product."

-Brian Hoffman


1 Progressive 27
1 Month Supply
Only $19.95

4 Progressive 27
Buy Three Get One Free
Only $59.85

6 Progressive 27
Buy Four Get Two Free
Only $79.80

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Disclaimer: This product is not intended to be used as a substitute for any medication. Rather, it should be part of a nutritional program that can be beneficial for your health.


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